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Garnish Food service offers you a detailed menu planning service and to enjoy a great variety of delicious meals. With our specialised catering facility, Garnish is the smartest choice in making that special occasion, big or small, an unforgettable experience! Garnish render a full food service at any venue on demand.

Garnish has been in operation since 2007. Started as a restaurant described as the "Hidden Gem" of Potchefstroom. Very soon, general catering came on demand after people tasted our food.

It is here in the Garnish kitchen where Fanie Smit lives out every day. With one of the most diverse menus in Potchefstroom, "I'm guided by my clients. I match the impressive variety on request and are equally comfortable with the rice, meat and potato-guests."

Good food takes time to prepare - we are not a fast food outlet and always get guests better than they expect.

The staff are well trained and programs are used to give them a glimpse of the world's kitchens with regard to important points such as hygiene and discipline.

The menu is customized for the client.

Garnish's winning recipe is the perfect blend of intimacy, personal service and good food. The atmosphere and personal attention make you feel like at home when we function.

Garnish specializes in large-scale food preparation for large functions, conferences, weddings, business meals, finger dishes and student opportunities with delicious taste and variety.

Garnish is very involved in the wide Potchefstroom and is not a feature for us too big.